Paper Aeroplanes – Circus

“Paper Aeroplanes are an oasis of gravity in a cultural desert of frivolity, of emotion in a cold hearted world.” …Paul Kerr, Fourohfive 405.

“Paper Aeroplanes’ gently crafted, pinpoint melodies are in a league of their own.”…Artrocker.

“Little Letters is another exemplary addition to (Paper Aeroplanes’) catalogue, a truly beautiful album of perfect pop vignettes – affirmation if it is needed of the mounting acclaim that surrounds them. ……a band on the edge of greatness”…Album of the month – Folk Radio.

“As soon as you’ve identified one highlight, another comes along. There are no duds here, and the album as a whole has a beautifully judged balance. Little Letters is a very fine record. It may come to be regarded as a classic.”…North West Folk.

It’s the sort of album you can listen to in a car, or on a bus, or at home, or absolutely anywhere because – get this – it’s absolutely excellent wherever. If you have two ears and a heart, you’ll love this album. And frankly, you’d probably still love it even without one of those ears.” …For Folks Sake.

“…an effortless piece of songwriting, matching a beautifully lilting melody with lyrics which are pretty on the surface but – if you dig a little deeper – have some troubling undertones…”…Clash Magazine.

“There’s a sense that these are songs rooted in something substantial, an emotional anchor, holding all the pieces together with a powerful urgency.”…4 out of 5 - Thank Folk for That.

“….an album packed with such emotional punch.” …Spiral Earth.