Since graduating from college in Newcastle Upon Tyne with a degree in Jazz, Popular and Commercial Music, Lowri has been constantly and steadily gathering a fan base, gigging across the country and recording an impressive back catalogue of CD’s.

After college, and returning from a 5 month trip in South America in 2003, she settled back in Wales and put all her efforts into writing and performing music, soon becoming a popular face on the local music scene. Lowri was asked in January 2005 to donate a song to a local charity CD project (Pembrokeshire Acoustic Sessions) raising money for victims of the Boxing Day tsunami in South Asia, it was during this recording session she met guitarist, singer and studio engineer/producer Lee Mason who was also recording a song for the project.

Since meeting in 2005 Lowri and Lee have worked tirelessly as a duo to create and develop our musical sound. They have 10 years experience writing, recording, producing and performing music together as a unit and their musical presence as a duo is firmly established within the music scene. Performing an average of 50 shows a year, appear on S4C programmes on a regular basis and their music is regularly played on BBC Radio Cymru and BBC Radio Wales. BBC Radio Cymru has twice commissioned them to write, produce and record songs for specific programmes in their schedule.